LCIW, LLC is a private corporation of certified and trained specialist that provides coaching, consulting, and training to people, teams, and organizations. My focus is to help individuals reach and maintain life goals and to lead lives free of various limiting behaviors.

Who I am

LCIW, LLC was founded by Millicent Huser in January 2016, as a result of seeing agencies and individual struggle to reach their goals. It became abundantly clear that many people lacked understanding the need to continue aligning the decisions and actions with their missions and visions. Many people with addictions and in the treatment field instead allowed their fears, beliefs, and attitudes drive reality. At this point, it’s no longer about thriving but surviving.

She has been a substance use and prevention professional since 2004. Her passion for helping people have the life of their dreams goes beyond her work as a Counselor, Prevention Specialist, and Program Director.

A number of years ago, she was invited into a study in organizational development. During this three year study, she was given tools and coaching in continually improving the quality of services provided through effective leadership and communication. The concept of purpose, steadfastness, and connection as the foundation of success, in personal, recovery, or organizational goals was developed then. This new found approach to making a change in the addiction field became the drive behind professional growth.

In 2014, she began noticing that these concepts would benefit many. This coupled with the rapid increase in overdoses of people leaving treatment centers pushed her to put urgency into her mission.

Millicent Huser graduated from Maryville University, St Louis, MO with a Dual Bachelor in Psychology and Sociology. She has spent the most of the last eleven years working in substance abuse treatment with five years of supervising programs. She is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, with additional certifications in Co-Occurring Disorders, Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program Qualified Professional and Medication Assisted Treatments

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Happy Clients

Hear from clients that have had positive experiences with Millicent Huser and LCIW Strategies.
Bob JordanBob Jordan
Milli is committed to discovering what is important to those she is coaching. She has a keen sense of understanding and empathy.
Kris VictoriaKris Victoria
Absolute Role Model! Milli has taught me to step into my own leadership and grace in a way that lands for others.
Jay JawitzJay Jawitz
Milli has been an incredible coach to me since the beginning of January. Her incredible power and light has been source for my transformation.
Chris YozwiakChris Yozwiak
Milli has been my coach and friend for well over a year. Milli continues to be a stand for me and encourages me to be the best man that I can be.