Living in My Vision

Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Vision can be defined as what I want. It can be as big or as small as I desire. It encompasses the big picture of where I am going. Vision appears to be Internal and Eternal. Vision rarely changes, however the mechanism, strategies, and missions do. In Transformation, Vision is at the core of what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. When I align my commitments, choices, and actions with my Vision I generate power, peace, and joy.

With Vision, my commitments and promises drive my choices, decisions, and actions. I call Vision my North Star that is a guiding principle in my life. Without clear Vision, I am at risk of being driven by my feelings, thoughts, experiences, and circumstances. My experience of life without Vision is confusion, distraction, and fatigue. It is like reading a map without a compass. I may believe I am heading in the “right” direction, however I have no idea where I am going.

My Vision for the world is for all beings to live in harmony. This drives my choice to be a trainer, work for Gratitude Training, and to be a coach. I have had life experiences without clear vision and found myself struggling to remain focused on simple life tasks. Vision drives the bus in Transformation, not my feelings, emotions, and circumstances. It motivates me to stay on course when I want to stop or make a “wrong” turn. Together with a team and coach, there is infinite possibility for manifesting my Vision.

Helping teams, companies and individuals to define and refine their purpose and mission is transformational for all who participate and results in the message being spread universally.


Happy Clients

Hear from clients that have had positive experiences with Millicent Huser and LCIW Strategies.
Bob JordanBob Jordan
Milli is committed to discovering what is important to those she is coaching. She has a keen sense of understanding and empathy.
Kris VictoriaKris Victoria
Absolute Role Model! Milli has taught me to step into my own leadership and grace in a way that lands for others.
Jay JawitzJay Jawitz
Milli has been an incredible coach to me since the beginning of January. Her incredible power and light has been source for my transformation.
Chris YozwiakChris Yozwiak
Milli has been my coach and friend for well over a year. Milli continues to be a stand for me and encourages me to be the best man that I can be.




Consulting for programs seeking accreditation with Joint Commission and/or CARF; providing hands on approach to aligning policies and procedures with standards.


People experiencing the effects of addiction either personally, family, or in business; creating an opportunity for others to create productive and happy lives.


Training organizations dedicated to offering the best possible services; coaching and training on culture, client engagement, and quality to bring about increased satisfaction and revenue.


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